8 Of The Best Plants To Grow In Your Kitchen

Baltic Blue Pothos

This pothos is a real stunner! Baltic Blue pothos has a handsome blue cast with leaves that fenestrate, or develop slits in the sides, as it matures.

Heartleaf Philodendron

Philodendrons are super easy to grow. This type has shiny heart-shaped leaves and a vining form. It’s not fussy and adapts well to low light levels.

Olive Tree

This Mediterranean native is a natural in your kitchen! They’re not difficult to grow if they get sufficient light. There are non-fruiting types and fruiting types, which bear olives.

Snake Plant

If your kitchen is on the dark side, you still can enjoy the striking shape of this hardy plant. Snake plants thrive on neglect, tolerate low light levels, and hardly ever need to be watered.

Aloe Vera Plant

The fleshy green leaves of aloe vera retain moisture, so it’s great for new plant parents or if you sometimes forget to water.

Coffee Plant

Yes, this is the same plant from which coffee beans are harvested! You’ll love this plant’s super-shiny green leaves and bushy form, which stays nice and compact. 

Jade Plant

With fat, shiny oval leaves and a cute mini “tree” form, these are appealing plants for the kitchen. These succulents are slow-growers and don’t mind being root-bound.

Air Plant

Display these unusual plants in hanging glass globes, baskets or on wooden stands. There are two basic types of air plants: “Xeric,” which have silver, flat leaves with a fuzzy-looking texture.

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