8 Narrow Living Room Ideas To Make The Most Of An Awkward Space

Mount Your TV On The Wall

One of the most obvious  and impactful  is t o mount your TV on the wall, opposite your couch, as it's one of the best places to put a TV in a small living room.

Right Sized Rug

Rug size matters in all spaces, but it’s vital in a narrow living room.Make sure you’re taking measurements and are buying the right size rug.

Get Creative With Seating

Adding versatile furniture pieces with storage is always a good idea but, beyond that, you can switch up the traditional living room look.

Consider Using A Runner

If you’re having a hard time finding a rug for your space consider purchasing a runner for the walkway.

Opt For A Sleek Couch Style

Use a sofa that isn’t too bulky at the back so you have more depth in the cushion for sitting

Create Zones

Creating zones in the room like a reading nook or dining area is a good idea in any space, but it works particularly well for decorating narrow living rooms

Use Narrow Furniture

It might seem obvious but narrow furniture in a narrow room is a must, it will make your space feel a lot wider.

Create A Focal Point

Focal points help lead the eye around the room, while this can be as simple as a gallery wall above the couch.

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