8 Ingredients To Add To Scrambled Eggs For A Spicy Kick

Red Pepper Paste

Although Yotam Ottolenghi is a globally renowned chef with numerous restaurants and a whole library of cookbooks to his name, he's not above making scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Buffalo Sauce

The beauty of buffalo sauce is that a few drops of it can give both heat and tang to your scrambled eggs. If you're unsure of this proposition.

Chopped Jalapenos

One of the benefits of adding chopped jalapenos to your scrambled eggs is that they add both flavor and texture to the dish.


Of all the spicy elements that go well with scrambled eggs, paprika might just be the best match of all. The trick to making the best possible paprika-spiked.

Green Chilies

Southwestern cuisine does scrambled eggs right, and a major reason why lies with canned green chilies. This ingredient not only adds spice to your eggs, it brings tangy, earthy flavors to the table.

Powdered Garlic

Garlic might not be the first spice that comes to mind when you think of adding heat to your scrambled eggs, but it can certainly be pungent.

Carolina Reaper Pepper

If you think "Carolina Reaper" sounds like a very scary monster straight out of a horror movie, you're not far from the truth. 


Cumin itself may not be a hot spice, but when paired with green chilies or serrano peppers, as is the case with Indian cuisine, it does the trick.

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