8 Houseplants That Can Improve Your Mental Health

Weeping fig

The weeping fig was one of the top three most effective plants for improving mood, according to the study. But that's not its only benefit, experts say. 

Snake Plant

Mother-in-law's tongue—also known as a snake plant—is another low-maintenance option that can improve indoor air quality by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorbing toxins from the air. 


Therefore, Cacti were found to be the most polarizing plants in the study and had a less calming effect compared with the other plants. 

Prayer Plant

Prayer plants are another mood-boosting option. "The prayer plant is known for its beautiful foliage and can add vibrancy to indoor spaces," says Bhatta. 

Bird's Nest Fern

Bird's nest ferns are lush and uniquely textured. "As far as why this plant is a mood booster, it's possible that it has to do with aesthetics," says Miguel Camperos, VP of operations for the beekeeping and gardening supply company SunVara. 

Golden pothos

Known for their trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves, golden pothos plants were also found to be among the top-three best plants for boosting mental health, according to the study.

Dragon Tree

Adorned with slender, spikey, sword-like leaves, dragon trees are a sight to behold. They were also found to be effective in improving subjects' moods. 


To make sure they thrive, Cox suggests keeping palms in bright, indirect light and says you should water the plant when the top inch of soil is dry, to ensure proper drainage and prevent root rot. 

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