8 Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Open Shelving

Display rustic dinnerware, mason jars, and vintage kitchen items for a charming and practical touch.

Apron-Front Sink

A farmhouse-style or apron-front sink is a quintessential element of farmhouse kitchens. Opt for a large, deep sink with a vintage or country-inspired design.

Barn Door Pantry

Replace traditional pantry doors with sliding barn doors. This not only adds a rustic touch but also saves space in the kitchen.

Vintage Lighting Fixtures

Choose pendant lights or chandeliers with a vintage or industrial farmhouse style. Consider fixtures with exposed bulbs, wrought iron details, or mason jar shades.

Subway Tile Backsplash

Install a classic subway tile backsplash for a clean and timeless look. White or neutral-colored subway tiles complement the farmhouse aesthetic.

Mason Jar Decor

Use them as vases for fresh flowers, store dry goods, or even create a pendant light fixture using a cluster of mason jar lights.

Farmhouse Accessories

Decorate with farmhouse accessories like galvanized metal containers, wire baskets, and wooden crates.

Rustic Signs and Quotes

Hang rustic signs or plaques with farmhouse-inspired quotes or sayings. This adds a personal and charming touch to the kitchen decor.

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