8 Etiquette Mistakes Everyone Makes at a Steakhouse

Ordering steak well-done

Order well-done steak if that's what you want. Most steaks are juicier and tastier when grilled medium-rare or medium. Steakhouse cooks want you to know that secret!

Not following the dress code

Nobody likes to arrive at their reservation and be informed they can't enter the dining room, so inquire beforehand. Want to escape the crowds? Here are your state's top hidden-gem eateries.

Spitting out chewy pieces into a napkin

No matter how exquisite the restaurant, you may discover a grisly steak. If you spit in your napkin, you may forget, get up, and roll the bite around the dining room!

Chewing on the steak bone

In a fine restaurant, never eat an animal bone at the table. If the meat is good, it may be tempting, but always avoid touching it. Fork and knife are for that!

Putting your napkin on the table

Don't place the napkin on the table when you apologize. Instead, fold it loosely and set it on your chair. How to fold it correctly. Even after eating, don't toss the napkin on your plate.

Eating every last bite

One mouthful on the plate indicates that you were satisfied but not so hungry that you licked the dish clean, which may imply that you weren't provided enough.

Cutting the steak all at once

Steak should be sliced one mouthful at a time, believe it or not. Use your right hand to grasp the knife with your index finger down the back. Then, pin down the meat and cut a single bite zigzagging with your left fork.

Dousing your steak with steak sauce

A sauced steak will be served if the chef requests it. Unless you've tried it, dumping A1 steak sauce on your meat is a mistake! If you want sauce on your steak, ask the server about housemade sauces for your steak.

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