8 Beliefs That Made Boomers Look Stupid

Social Media Is A Fad

The initial thought among many Boomers was that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were mere flashes in the pan.

Emails Will Never Replace Letters

There was a time when Boomers were convinced that the charm of a handwritten letter could never be usurped by electronic mail.

Video Games Rot Your Brain

Many Boomers held a deeply rooted belief that video games were damaging to the young mind, purely serving as entertainment with zero educational value.

Smoking Is Harmless

Boomers grew up in an era when smoking was not only accepted but also glamorized.

Organic Food Is A Scam

Skeptical of the organic food movement, many Boomers initially deemed it a marketing gimmick.

Cash Will Always Be King

When it all started, the notion that electronic transactions could replace cash seemed far-fetched.

Marriage Is Definitely Forever

Boomers grew up in an era where marriage was often seen as a lifelong commitment.

Tattoos Are For Only Rebels

Boomers frequently associated tattoos with rebellion and counterculture.

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