8 Behaviours Which Can Predict If Your Marriage Will End In Divorce

Ineffective communication, including constant arguing, stonewalling, or avoiding discussions, can erode the foundation of a marriage.

Poor Communication

A significant decrease in physical and emotional intimacy, such as lack of affection, sexual dissatisfaction, or emotional disconnection, can strain a marriage.

Lack Of Intimacy

Continuous financial disagreements, secrecy about money, or overspending can lead to serious marital conflicts.

Financial Struggles

Cheating or having an extramarital affair can break trust and create substantial challenges for a marriage.


Holding unrealistic expectations of your spouse, marriage, or the relationship itself can lead to disappointment and frustration.

Unrealistic Expectations

Neglecting to spend quality time together, pursue shared interests, or prioritize the relationship can weaken the marital bond.

Lack Of Quality Time

Continuously criticizing and belittling your spouse rather than showing appreciation and support can be detrimental.

Constant Criticism

Failing to address and resolve conflicts constructively, resulting in unresolved issues and resentment, can harm a marriage.

Avoiding Conflict Resolution