7 Popular Poodle Mixes That Make The Cutest Family Members


The ever-popular Goldendoodle is a golden retriever-poodle mix.As a result, they're usually easy to train but have enough energy to keep up with an active family.


Yorkiepoos are a mix between Yorkshire terriers and poodles. They're adorable and will get a lot of attention from anyone who sees it. Yorkiepoos are typically sweet, playful, and intelligent.


Bernedoodles are a combination of a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. If you love the gentle, sweet nature of Bernese Mountain dogs but are overwhelmed by their large size, a Bernedoodle might be the perfect compromise


Labradoodles, a cross between Labrador retrievers and poodles, are another popular poodle mix. Many Labradoodles have a poodle's coat and shed less than purebred labs, though coat style and color can vary.


Though this sounds like something straight out of Whoville, a Whoodle is a cross between a Wheaton terrier and a poodle. Whoodles are typically medium-sized and filled with energy, so they will not enjoy being couch potatoes.


These adorable little pups are a cross between a Pomeranian and a poodle. Pomapoos tend to be small but have big personalities and are highly affectionate.


The name sounds funny, but a Sheepadoodle refers to a dog that's a mix between an Old English sheepdog and a poodleThey tend to be intelligent and friendly and usually get along well with other dogs.

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