7 Outdated Bedroom Design Trends We're Saying Goodbye To In 2024

The trend of having one bold, contrasting wall in a room was becoming less popular. Instead, designers were focusing on more cohesive color palettes and textures throughout the entire space.

Accent Walls

While minimalism is a timeless concept, an excessively stark and cold minimalist approach was starting to give way to warmer, cozier designs with more personality.

Over-the-Top Minimalism

A complete bedroom suite with matching furnishings was losing popularity. Mixing and matching furnishings for a personal touch was popular.

Matching Furniture Sets

The all-white or monochromatic color scheme was losing favor, and people were incorporating more varied color palettes and bolder accents for a livelier atmosphere.

All-White Bedrooms

Thick, heavy curtains were being replaced by lighter, sheer options that allow more natural light to enter the room. This change contributes to a more airy and open feel.

Heavy Drapery

Intricate and ornate detailing on furniture and decor was being toned down, with a shift towards simpler, cleaner lines and designs.

Excessive Ornate Details

Mass-produced, generic artwork was being replaced by more personalized and meaningful pieces, including original artwork, DIY projects, or unique finds that tell a story.

Generic Artwork

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