7 Myths About Street Dogs That Are Totally False

Street Dogs Are All Aggressive: One of the most significant misconceptions is that all street dogs are inherently aggressive.

Street Dogs Are All Diseased: While street dogs may face health challenges due to lack of access to veterinary care, not all of them are diseased.

Street Dogs Are Untrainable: Street dogs can be trained just like any other dogs. With patience and positive reinforcement training methods, they can learn commands and behave well in a home environment.

Street Dogs Are All Mutt Breeds: Street dogs come from a variety of breed backgrounds, not just mixed breeds. Some may be purebreds that have been abandoned or lost.

Street Dogs Can't Adapt to Home Life: Street dogs can adapt well to living in a home environment. They often appreciate the stability and comfort of a loving home once they've experienced it.

All Street Dogs Are Starving: While some street dogs may struggle to find food, not all of them are starving. Many communities and organizations provide food and care to street dogs, ensuring their well-being.

Street Dogs Don't Need Human Companionship: Street dogs, like any other dogs, benefit from human companionship and social interaction.

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