7 Low-Cost Kitchen Renovations 

Paint Cabinets and Replace Hardware: Cost: Moderate Details: Instead of replacing cabinets, consider painting them a new color. This can instantly transform the look of your kitchen.

Add a Backsplash: Cost: Low to Moderate Details: Installing a colorful or stylish backsplash can add character to your kitchen. 

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures: Cost: Low to Moderate Details: Swapping out old light fixtures for modern, energy-efficient options can make a significant difference. 

Install Open Shelving: Cost: Low to Moderate Details: Open shelving can create a more open and airy feel. Remove cabinet doors and paint the shelves

Update Faucets and Sink: Cost: Low to Moderate Details: A new faucet and sink can enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Look for budget-friendly 

pply a Fresh Coat of Paint: Cost: Low Details: Painting the walls is one of the most budget-friendly ways to give your kitchen a facelift. 

DIY Kitchen Island or Cart: Cost: Low to Moderate Details: Create additional counter and storage space with a DIY kitchen island or cart.