7 Kitchen Renovations Homeowners Always Regret

Oversized Islands

Large kitchen islands are appealing, but they may not be practical if they block mobility or make it hard to access other kitchen spaces. An island that dominates the space may disappoint homeowners.

Trendy Backsplash

Choosing a stylish backsplash may cause regrets as trends change. Residents may wish they had chosen a classic or neutral backsplash that lasts.

Skipping the Pantry

Some kitchen renovators regret not adding a pantry. A well-designed pantry can assist organize the kitchen and provide storage.

Overlooking Storage Needs

Poor storage is a common regret. Owners may wish they had added extra cupboards, drawers, or built-in storage for their kitchen supplies and utensils.

Ignoring Workflow

Not considering kitchen workflow during refurbishment can lead to regrets. Homeowners can be frustrated by a poorly constructed layout that hinders movement and accessibility.

Overlooking Lighting Design

Some homeowners regret bad lighting. Inadequate kitchen lighting can hurt functionality and aesthetics.

Cheap or Mismatched Appliances

Homeowners may wish they had bought high-quality, coordinated equipment to improve kitchen appearance and performance.

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