12 Grass Alternatives For Your Yard


Clover is a low-maintenance ground cover that adds nitrogen to the soil and requires less water than traditional grass.

Creeping Thyme

This fragrant herb forms a dense carpet of green and produces small, colorful flowers.

Buffalo Grass

A native grass that's drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, making it a good alternative in arid regions.


Many types of sedges are suitable for lawns and offer a grass-like appearance with lower water requirements.


Planting native wildflowers can create a colorful and natural-looking meadow that attracts pollinators.

Dwarf Mondo Grass

This evergreen grass-like plant is excellent for ground cover and requires minimal maintenance.


Fine fescue varieties are shade-tolerant and can be used as an alternative to traditional lawn grass.

Blue Grama Grass

A warm-season grass native to North America, known for its drought tolerance and unique appearance.

Corsican Mint

his low-growing, aromatic ground cover is ideal for pathways and small areas.


Roman chamomile is a low-growing herb that releases a pleasant aroma when walked on and is a great alternative for pathways.

Elfin Thyme

A miniature thyme variety that forms a dense, aromatic ground cover with tiny pink flowers.


Yarrow is a hardy, drought-resistant perennial that produces clusters of colorful flowers and can be used as a ground cover.

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