11 Outdated Beliefs Boomer Refuse To Drop

“Renting Is Wasting Money”

Traditional boomer wisdom is that house ownership is the ultimate financial objective and renting is wasting money.

“Mental Health Isn’t Real Health”

Unfortunately, some Boomers believe mental health is less “real” than physical health, impeding discussions and understanding.

“The Internet Is Just A Fad”

The World Wide Web was first disregarded by many Boomers as a fad that would never displace conventional media or industry.

“Traditional Gender Roles Are Best”

The idea that men should work and women should stay home has been disproven. However, some Boomers struggle to let go of old gender stereotypes and fight younger generations' gender equality and fluidity efforts.

“You Need Meat For Protein”

Although plant-based diets and meat substitutes are becoming more fashionable, some Boomers still believe a dinner isn't complete without a meat-centric main dish.

“Work Hard, Play Never”

This strong work ethic sometimes sacrificed personal well-being, a trade-off younger generations are increasingly reluctant to undertake.

“Organic Food Is A Scam”

Boomers generally doubt the organic food movement, which promotes natural farming and avoids industrial chemicals.

“College Is The Only Path To Success”

The assumption that a college degree is the sole path to success is fading as crafts and IT skills provide rich employment without school debt.

“New Music Is Just Noise”

Many Boomers love the Beatles, Elvis, and Motown, but the concept that all new music is shallow is restricting. Music develops like any other creative form, and each generation adds its own voice.

“Print Media Is More Reliable”

With the rise of digital media, news consumption has moved online. Some Boomers still believe print media is more dependable, ignoring the fact-checking and immediacy of great internet journalism.

“Vaccines Are Optional”

Some Boomers believe vaccinations are hazardous, but the anti-vaccine movement is widespread. This is despite vaccinations being one of the best ways to avoid infectious illnesses.

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