10 Vintage Baby Names That Are Now Popular Again

Lena (for girls)

Between 1880 and 1920, Lena remained in the top-100 names for girls—but it was the 1930s actress and singer Lena Horne who brought the name real fame. 

Vera (for girls) 

During its height during the late early 1920s, this Russian name, meaning "faith," might make people think of singer Vera Lynn and actress Vera Miles. 

Lola (for girls)

Kelly Ripa, Annie Lennox, Chris Rock, Charlie Sheen, Carnie Wilson, and Lisa Bonet are just a few famous folks who have daughters named Lola. 

Elsie (for girls) 

The name Elsie means "oath to God." Singer/songwriter Elsie Janis entertained World War I troops, Elsie MacGill became the first female architect for airliners.

Millie (for girls)

A variant of Mildred and Milicent, this name is making a comeback since its 1950s popularity as the moniker for the sexy, red-headed Marvel Comic character Millie the Model.

Felix (for boys)

Felix, which means "fortunate," is perhaps best-associated with the 1919 cartoon cat who launched to fame in the animated television show in the 1950s. 

Charlie (for boys)

Charlie, meaning "free man," is the diminutive of Charles, a name associated with British royalty. Charles, Prince of Wales, will someday succeed Queen Elizabeth to become King of England. 

Leon (for boys)

A Greek variation of Leo, meaning "lion," Leon was most popular in the 1920s and is slowly returning. In the late 1800s, four French prime ministers bore this name. 

Oscar (for boys)

The Oscar statuette, awarded to the top actors and directors in Hollywood, has kept this name in vogue since the Academy Awards premiered in 1929. 

Arthur (for boys)

Most often associated with King Arthur, the name Arthur peaked in popularity during the late 1800s. Famous Arthurs include tennis player Arthur Ashe, playwright Arthur Miller.

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