10 Things To Avoid Wearing Women Over 50 if You Want To Be Beautiful

The Opinion of Others

Can you live for yourself, please? Does what others think matter? They seldom think highly of themselves. Say let them point, look, and murmur. Give them something to speak about!

Baggage From the Past

Drop all bulky, unsightly, hefty luggage. You look bad in those. They weigh you down and age you swiftly. Remove any emotional baggage for yourself. Life moves ahead, not backward.


They claim Margaret looks fantastic for her age and "you'd never know she was a day over 50!" Who cares? Good for Margaret. She and you are lovely! No need to envy other ladies.

Fear of Getting Old

It's growing older. Life carries on. Not 25 anymore. Life is your creation. You're alive and don't know when. It's flying by! Dream big, explore, try new things, and live loud.

The Doormat

Stop wearing or becoming a doormat. You wore it too long. You don't b**** anybody. Find your voice and say NO to those who have taken advantage of you.


Time to mature. That catty appearance looks terrible on you, and we're not in high school. Quite disgusting. Life's not a contest.


Stop judging others. You and no one else are better. Judging others makes you unattractive, regardless of your appearance. Your feces smells too, in case you didn't know.


Like luggage, regret aged you. So you never did this, told so and so, or went there. So what? Instead of improving your life, regret makes you unhappy and unpleasant.


I'm joking. Girl, we need comfortable shoes. Feeling you. Perfect shoes for me are flip-flops. I adore all my pairs, but I have too many.


Turn that anxiety frown into a grin. Life is brief, and we're halfway done. There's no time to worry, hold back, or not live your best life.

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