10 States With Highest Rates of Vegetarians in the US


California is often associated with a health-conscious and environmentally-aware population, leading to a higher prevalence of vegetarianism.

New York:

New York, especially in urban areas like New York City, has a diverse population with a significant number of people adopting vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.


Oregon has a reputation for being environmentally conscious, and this often extends to dietary choices, with a higher proportion of vegetarians.


Like Oregon, Washington state has a population that is inclined towards environmentally friendly and health-conscious lifestyles, contributing to higher rates of vegetarianism.


Colorado has a health-conscious population that is often open to plant-based diets, contributing to a higher prevalence of vegetarians.


With a mix of urban and suburban areas, Massachusetts has a population that embraces diverse dietary choices, including vegetarianism.


Illinois, particularly in and around Chicago, has a growing number of people adopting plant-based diets, contributing to higher rates of vegetarianism.


Hawaii's cultural diversity and focus on fresh, local produce contribute to a higher prevalence of plant-based diets.


Vermont, known for its focus on local and organic foods, has a higher proportion of individuals who follow vegetarian or plant-based lifestyles.

New Jersey:

The diverse population in New Jersey, especially in metropolitan areas, has led to an increase in the number of people adopting vegetarian diets.

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