10 Retro Homewares That Worth a Fortune

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Outdated typewriters are useless today. Typewriters are obsolete and useless due to computers. An estate sale typewriter could be worth $800.

Vinyl Records 

Your records may contain a gold mine. Send good-condition albums to auction and make a couple thousand dollars.

Rotary Phones 

Remember those 100-pound kitchen wall-mounted phones? You needed an extra-long phone cord to reach the next room for privacy.

Crayola Crayons 

None of my childhood friends didn't play with crayons. With the classic 64-pack of Crayola Crayons, coloring books were a fun afternoon activity.


Your grandparents or great-grandparents may have given you some of these silverware sets. Vintage items can be worth thousands of dollars, so watch them.

Old Books 

Attend an estate sale and head to the bookshelf. A rare first edition can make an old book worth a fortune.

Vintage Tin Signs 

Chances are your grandparent decorated with them. Classic retro Americana collectors want the rare pieces. Find Coca-Cola, Ford, and John Deere. Some of these could be valuable.

Small Appliances 

Small appliances in working shape have become desirable to collectors. Look for a small toaster, blenders, and coffee makers for items worth money.

Original Nintendos 

Gamers love retro games. Vintage video games are popular, and an original Nintendo Entertainment Set and some games can fetch over $1,000.

Musical Instruments 

Some antique instruments are worth a fortune. Depending on the brand, vintage Stratocaster guitars and pianos can fetch several thousand dollars.

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