10 Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Floating Shelves: Install floating shelves for a modern and minimalist look. They can be easily customized in terms of size and placement.

Industrial Pipe Shelving: Combine rustic and industrial styles by using pipes and reclaimed wood for sturdy and stylish open shelving.

Corner Shelves: Utilize corner spaces with open shelving to maximize storage without sacrificing the open feel of the kitchen.

Wooden Crates: Arrange wooden crates on the wall as open shelving units for a charming and versatile storage solution.

Glass Shelves: Opt for glass shelves to maintain an airy and open atmosphere while showcasing your kitchen items.

Metal Brackets with Reclaimed Wood: Combine metal brackets with reclaimed wood for a trendy and industrial look that complements various kitchen styles.

Open Pantry Shelving: Extend open shelving to create a pantry area, providing easy access to dry goods, dishes, and kitchen essentials.

Colorful Backdrop: Paint or use colorful wallpaper as a backdrop for open shelves to add a pop of color and visual interest.

Floating Box Shelves: Create a contemporary look with floating box shelves that offer a blend of open and closed storage.

Open Shelving with Integrated Lighting: Install integrated lighting underneath the shelves to illuminate the space and highlight your kitchen decor.