10 Foods That Wreak Havoc On Your Body


High in both fat and salt, sausages have never made it onto any diet list.  But more recently, the risks associated with sausages are known to include cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Corn-Fed Beef 

Feeding cattle grains, such as corn and soybeans has become a common practice among farmers these days, as it facilitates the "plumping" process before they get slaughtered. 


Those are sprouts, and although they are largely touted as a healthy food, they can actually be extremely harmful.


Consuming full-fat milk in small amounts won't hurt you, but the American Heart Association does recommend sticking to fat-free or low-fat dairy products.

Store-Bought Cakes and Pastries

All that white sugar in the icing and glazing on most pastries takes your body forever to break down.

Low-Fat Snacks

"Low-fat" might seem like an appealing label when it comes to packaged snacks, but ultimately, you're not doing yourself any favors.


Corn is full of sugar and mostly GMOs. And let's not forget the butter you usually slather on top. Unless you're buying organic corn from the farmer's market, say goodbye to corn on the cob. 


It's hard to say no to cake that's offered by someone else. But when you're the one baking, you're better off never buying prepared frosting ever again.

Farmed Salmon

It also contains more contaminants (carcinogens, flame-retardants, pesticides) and has an overall diminished nutritional value compared to wild salmon.


Most industrially produced varieties of this popular condiment are loaded with sugar and also contain high-fructose corn syrup. 

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