10 Easter Cocktails To Make This Spring

Strawberry Mimosas

Simply blend fresh strawberries with a bit of orange juice, pour the puree in flutes or other decorative glasses, and top with Champagne or another sparkling wine.

Kentucky Mule

This cocktail is perfect for those who are craving a refreshing, herbal beverage but don't want the vodka of a classic mule. Make sure to garnish each serving with fresh mint and lime slices for the best flavor.


This citrusy classic cocktail can easily be made in batches. Just multiply the measurements by how many people you’re serving, and have the drinks ready when guests arrive for your Easter celebration.

Planter’s Punch

This cocktail is equal parts beautiful and delicious. The mix of rum, pineapple juice and grenadine can run a little sweet, so top the cocktail with club soda to tame it.

Blueberry Lime Slush

When blueberries are in season, what more could you want in an Easter cocktail than this slushy cocktail? It's light, refreshing and endlessly sippable.

Mint Julep

Kentucky Derby Day isn’t the only time to sip a refreshing mint julep. This minty cocktail fits right along with other Easter brunch ideas.

Mixed Berry Sangria

Because it’s made with white wine, rum and cranberry juice, the fresh berries really pop in this delicious sangria. Serve it with spoons or long toothpicks so guests can enjoy the fruit when the drink is gone.

Mojito Slush

This slushy beverage has just the right balance of minty crispness and lime tartness that's sure to tingle your taste buds.

Rosé Wine Cocktail

Make sure to use a dry rosé for this fruity sangria-style drink. It helps balance the sweetness of the white grape juice. Fresh raspberries and strawberries make it perfect for spring celebrations.

Cranberry Cocktail

You'll adore the combination of flavors in this recipe. The secret is to thaw the lemonade so it is still slightly icy—this way the cocktail will be cool and refreshing.

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