10 Clever And Hilarious Christmas Puns

We want full tummies, illuminated homes, and packed stockings at Christmas! Our faces were also smiling.

 We'll need to read some funny Christmas jokes to attain that last aim. If you want to make your family and friends laughs

For real. By December 25, many of us are trying to save our sanity after putting up Christmas decorations, planning

 family Christmas activities, and cooking a holiday feast! 

There are dog, cat, Christmas tree, Santa, and other jokes for every occasion

 Don't be elfish—give laughter this holiday season! Honestly, your dress looks fine today.

 this year's holiday gathering, memorize some of these hilarious Christmas jokes!

t. But you can always lighten the mood at your yearly Christmas party or add some comedy

You can excuse your-elf from dinner your outfit actually doesn't look elf-bad today.

Decorating the Christmas tree took a lot of elf-determination You have to admit that I'm pretty elf-efficient

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